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Well.. I am not happy because I am having to rewrite this post..but here we go. I am having some thoughts about what is going on that I am not sure how to handle.. I feel like I am being selfish with my infertility problems bc lots of people are diagnosed with life threatening illnesss … Continue reading

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My life

Nothing too exciting happened over the weekend.. It was pretty slow.  Josh and I enjoyed being together.  We made the longg journey from Norman, Ok to Lawton, Ok to see Baby Noah.  Josh’s twin sister Julia just had him last Tuesday. He was soo sweet.  I don’t think I put him down the whole time I was there! … Continue reading



A little over a month ago I  had a laparoscopy  because I was having lots of pain and they found a cyst on my right ovary in an ultrasound.  After the surgey I was faced with one of my worst nightmares.  The doctor told me it was a complete mess on the inside.  My ovaries have … Continue reading


Hello world!

Well this should be exciting. I am starting this blog for many reasons.. but the main one is to have an outlet for everyday personal troubles. hopefully I will meet some great people and get some good advice along the way. I will bitch, I will rant, and I will take sympathy even if no one … Continue reading